ERP – the things you wish you knew

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – is one of those implementations that can drastically improve your business or leave you severely disappointed and out of pocket.

Panorama consulting have just released a nifty ol' video that dives into the " absolute must knows" of ERP Implementation.

My take away message was this:

In order for your ERP implementation to work, you first need to establish what your current business blue prints are, then you need to redefine your business processes the way you want them to be and only then do you choose an appropriate software that will support these process. I mean it sound so obvious but I wonder how many businesses try to align their business processes with their software rather than the other way around.

The clip also stresses the importance of project management and change management during and after the implementation – you need to be prepared for the fact that these initiative take time. Like any major organisational change, buy-in and support from senior level executives is critical. And finally get pre-configured programs out of your head – in order to run a competitive and unique business you cannot expect your business processes to match a mass produced template…can you? (there is no one size fits all template)

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