Guest Post: The Loyalty Leap Quiz: Testing Your Customer Commitment in 12 Questions

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Bryan Pearson helps you test your customer commitment

I once asked a friend why she stuck with a particular airline for so long. Was it the convenience, the prices, or the miles she accumulated on her rewards card that made her so loyal?

None of the above, she told me. Rather, she stayed with the carrier because of the way it used her information to treat her better. She gave me an example. Once, after boarding an early morning business flight, the crew encountered mechanical delays. This is a common enough occurrence, so she flipped on her phone to warn her associates she might be late for her meeting.

Instead, she found an incoming text message from the airline's customer care office. Apologizing for the delay, the airline extended a makeup offer of free air miles or a dollar-based certificate. Before the flight even landed, she and the other passengers were singing the airline's praises.

The point is that of all the relationships in our lives, the one we should never be carefree about is that which we have with our customers. If we are not completely dedicated to understanding and responding to customer needs and values today, then we should not expect them to be with us tomorrow.

How do you define customer loyalty within your organization? How much information do you collect and how do you use it? And how loyal are your own employees?

All companies have the ability to collect information, and to glean from it a better knowledge of their customers. To this end, we created the Loyalty Leap quiz. This short test will help you to gauge, with just 12 questions, your customer quotient. Take the quiz and find out – are you customer casual, customer close or customer committed?

You can take the quiz here.


This guest post came courtesy of Bryan Pearson. Bryan is the author of The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information into Customer Intimacy and is president and CEO of the LoyaltyOne consultancy firm.

You can follow Bryans thoughts on Loyalty by heading over to his blog