New Blockbuster Looks to Expand into Video Games Retail

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Blockbuster Stores to expand into video games and music retail

The new-look Blockbuster has set to prioritise new avenues for the brand in aid to rescue it from the fate it seems destined for.

Having already announced that they will look into branching out into the realm of music retail to survive, speaking to MCV today, the retailer also announced that the booming video games industry is firmly in their sights.

Having already sold games in store for some time now, a bigger presence will be placed upon the stores sector as part of a shakeup that'll introduce ‘basic better retailing' thanks to new products and technologies.

"Games retail has been hard hit of late, by some of the most difficult trading conditions we've seen," said PlayStation's UK commercial director Alex Coultate.

"It's great news that a long-standing and well respected retailer will live on."

It's no wonder Sony see this as a positive thing as it wasn't too long ago that they were championing the idea of reviving games retailers in the lead up to their PlayStation 4 release.

Now Blockbusters UK has former HMV commercial boss Gary Warren at the helm, the streamlined franchise is looking to focus upon its ecommerce offering – something that Warren shaped for HMV.

There are now 264 stores remaining nationwide, with 2,000 employees split across them all. Many were sold off to, and eyed up by, grocers looking to expand their convenience stores.

Do you think this expansion into games retail – which is largely dominated by online retailers and supermarkets – is a smart move for Blockbuster?

Perhaps they're doing very little other than expanding into dying markets too?

Leave a comment in the section below letting us know your thoughts on the matter.


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