Download: Opportunities & Challenges in implementing CRM & Loyalty programmes

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Implementing loyalty and CRM strategies may not be as easy compared to the past. Organisations need to be more discerning and keep themselves updated on how consumers feel and what they say about them, so that they are able to deliver interesting programmes to their target audience. However, this requires the right resources and a lot of effort to overcome the challenges. That said, technological advancements have changed the way businesses communicate with their consumers, and has provided many opportunities for marketers to come up with a more targeted loyalty and CRM programme.

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We have gathered some thoughts from the loyalty elites who spoke at Loyalty World Asia last November. Their responses have been compiled into this eBook on opportunities and challenges that marketers face when implementing loyalty and CRM programmes.

The contributors to this eBook are:

  1. Nik Laming, SVP, Asia Pacific, AIMIA
  2. Iain Pringle, Head of Strategy, Avios
  3. Ravi Srinivasan, President & Chief Executive Officer, Group FiO
  4. Bruno Tay, Country Manager, ICLP
  5. Chris Tew, AVP, Asia Pacific, SDL
  6. Eddie Satterly, Chief Big Data Evangelist & CTO, Splunk

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