Multi-channel marketing to reach your consumers effectively

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Are you racking your brains and exhausting your company's resources trying to think of better ways to reach out to consumers? Which is the most effective channel of communication?  There are simply too many channels out there, but really, what organisations need to consider is to combine both online and offline channels, offering their customers more than one channel to make purchase.

Brands need to re-think their marketing strategy to reach out to consumers. The new-age consumers have become more difficult to reach out to; consumer touch-points have multiplied. Here's a unified approach shared by Ravi Srinivasan, CEO of Group FiO during Loyalty World Asia 2012: Make your offerings available at both online and offline channels. In particular, he shared some offline marketing ideas that marketers can work around.

Download his presentation here to find out more.

Recognising the advent of various marketing platforms and astute consumers of this age, the Loyalty World Asia team has introduced a new conference that is integrated with our annual customer loyalty event – OmniChannel World Asia. Whether you are a marketing professional or a digital expert, this is an event for you to learn about strategies and solutions to create better relationships with your customers via a unified/multi-channel approach!

If you are an expert in the area of multi-channel marketing or have an interesting omnichannel strategy to share, we'd like to hear from you! Contact Adeline at now for speaking opportunities.

For more information about OmniChannel World Asia 2013, visit our website here.