Kellogg’s Works With Google to Target Supermarkets With New Mobile Voucher System

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Kellogg's bowl of cereal

Cereal giant Kellogg's is working with Google to create a mobile coupon that can be redeemed easily at supermarkets, while also aiding them in acquiring user data and making use of their new virtual store.

Following the launch of its first virtual mobile store, Kellogg's are aiming to increase the rate of supermarkets in Europe that accept mobile voucher codes.

It's an uphill struggle due to the fact that, according to Kellogg's European digital director Matthew Pritchard, supermarkets have had the same model "that has worked for 20 years." Luckily he claims that they are "some way down the road" to introducing the new model.

"This is just another step on that [voucher redemption] journey," Said Pritchard. "The biggest challenge is each retailer has a different EPOS system, so there's a challenge in the physical hardware cost to make those units work."

He added: "The most exciting opportunity with mobile is taking the transaction to the shelf edge. Twelve to 15 per cent of our UK customers use mobile for price comparisons, ratings and reviews in-store and if we can leverage that, it is a massive opportunity."

The true aim of their mobile virtual store is to provide customers with a seamless way to purchase their favourite cereals. The first to launch fully will arrive later this year in the form of a Special K store, shortly followed by a Crunchy Nut one. It will allow you to add products to an online shop with a preferred outlet without having to leave the portal to shop onto another site.

This seamless approach is something that Kellogg's hope will grow its online sales.

Do you think Kellogg's is the right company to be pushing such a technology onto supermarkets?

Do you think that supermarkets will be tempted into adopting new hardware just for the redemption of coupons?

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