Top 3 retailers using technology to transform the in-store experience

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The article looks at the 3 retailers best utilising technology to transform their in-store experience.

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1. Burberry

The 2012 launch of ‘Burberry World', Burberry's flagship, Regent Street Store saw the luxury retailer push the boundaries of in-store experience beyond any other retailer to date. When entering the store, customers are greeted by an utopia of technology including  the world’s tallest retail screen, 550 hidden speakers, screens which turn into mirrors when needed and a hydraulic stage for performances. Burberry use the latest in-store technology innovations to engage their customers throughout the buying process. For instance, many items of Burberry clothing contain RFIP microchips. When trying these garments on, these microchips which transform the changing room mirrors into screens showing the customer how the item looks on the catwalk. The digital experience is extended right through to the payment process.  There are no till points in this store. Instead, staff are on hand with iPads and credit card machines for transactions.


2. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret launched in 1977 as the first retailer to position underwear as a fashion garment. It's flagship store, opened in Bond Street in August 2012, uses the latest technology to engage their customers in this message. The store contains a wall made up of 30 digital screens (controlled by smart devices!) which displays live feeds to the latest catwalk shows. This wall is integrated smoothly into the shop fitting giving the whole store a digital look and feel. The video wall shows Victoria’s Secret brand ambassadors or ‘Angels' walking the catwalk wearing underwear collections. This is set to inspire shoppers and engage them in the glamorous brand that is Victoria’s Secret.


3. Longchamp

Longchamp are set to open their UK flagship store in London later this year. This is looking to be very exciting especially if Longchamp choose to implement technologies such the passport reader, used in their French store, which captures customer information as they enter and so that staff can recognise them and offer a personalised shopping experience.


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