Social Media Still Major Influencer in Teen Purchases, But Facebook’s Popularity is Waning

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Social media, and the Internet in general, play a large role in influencing how we purchase goods and what trends we decide to follow or enjoy.

In a recent survey held by Piper Jaffray & Co around the market of Teen Spending, it's come to light that "friends" have the strongest influence over their purchasing decisions.

The wider term of "the Internet" is still rising in profile too, with 53 per cent of Females and 52 per cent of males citing that social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all play an important role in deciding what to purchase.

While Facebook may still be leading the pack in regards to the social media king, it's influence has dropped by 9 per cent from just six months ago, while both Twitter and Instagram continue to rise at 3 and 5 per cent respectively.

The drop in Facebook's relevance is a little surprising given the market, but it could be from a fatigue of the system as it becomes increasingly overloaded with adverts, businesses and – most importantly – parents and relatives (thus cutting down on how independent the platform feels to use).

Why do you think Facebook has dropped in popularity in the last six months?

Do you expect social media influence rates to rise over the coming months?

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