5 Brands Doing TV Advertising Right

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Old Spice are one of 5 brands doing TV advertising right

After KMart released their witty home delivery advert "Ship My Pants" to help emphasise just how simple it is to get your in-store products delivered to home, I began thinking about other advertising campaigns. Chiefly, TV or Internet ads that have tapped into their target market, both emphasising the product offering while also amusing or capturing the viewer – after all, nobody finds infomercials interesting.

So, in no particular order, here are 5 brands making TV or YouTube adverts that really help embody the brand image and really engage with potential customers on a level beyond just selling them a product.


Old Spice

Having kick-started a successful TV campaign with the ‘I'm on a Horse' advert, Old Spice have gone on to produce some of the wittiest videos out there to advertise their men's toiletries range. They capitalise upon the ‘manly' aspect that some of their more macho customers like, while providing something so absurd that the more cynical viewer can enjoy. Their over the top viral YouTube campaign with Terry Crews is the cherry on the cake, with each video gaining well over a million views.



With an established brand and name, Cadbury didn't really need to do much in terms of promoting its name to the world. However, what it did have to do is fight back against the health kick that was gripping the nation a few years ago. Because of this they took the Guinness approach to advertising and instead focused on the joy of eating chocolate and the emotions they want to evoke when their products touch your lips. Therefore they launched their Joyville advertising campaign – which kicked off with a drumming gorilla – to embody the childish joy and mischief they want to promote.



Being the biggest and most popular selling soft-drinks company in the world, Coca-cola don't need to do much to make their consumer base aware of their products. Instead they, like Cadbury, aimed to push the feeling of fun that could be had with Coke over informing what it's all about. As part of their 2010 Happiness Factory campaign – which saw the inside of a vending machine become a wonderful grassy landscape of fun – they had a strong viral marketing campaign to show how Coke brings people together. It's understandable too as the family of polar bears have become iconic, just as much as the Coca-Cola truck advert at Christmas signifies the start of the holiday season.



Having won over millions with their ‘Touch the Rainbow/Taste the Rainbow' ad campaign that sees a sad office worker stricken with a Midas Touch of the Skittles variety, Skittles decided to expand upon that with a somewhat interactive campaign. Promoting the silliness associated with the sugar-shell coated candy, Mars foods produced a brilliant set of advertising campaigns that tapped into the mindset of consumers by letting their playful side out. Not a single advert makes sense, nor really has a lot to do with Skittles, but that's why it works so well in capturing the hearts and minds of consumers.


Somersby Cider – (Carlsberg)

We all know that Carlsberg have some of the best adverts around, pushing their ‘Probably the best lager' adverts, but their newest venture into the world of cider with Somersby Cider has to take the biscuit. Tapping into the whole idea of millions being swept up into the Apple bandwagon of desirability – despite the fact most users don't even make the most of what the technology can do – Carlsberg have created an entire ad campaign that connects with their target market who both understand the fervour around Apple products, yet think it's absurd at the same time. Filling the advert with puns about "interface", "docking" and "downloading" it helps roll it into the key demographic if mid-twentysomethings. If anything, this is a strong launch ad campaign that holds promise for far more.


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