Xerox Rolls out Customer Loyalty Scheme To Reward Customers

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Xerox rolls out customer loyalty scheme to reward customers

Xerox, the printer company, have rolled out a customer loyalty points scheme to reward loyal customers with Xerox products.

The rewards program, which Xerox describes as "fun", allows customers to accumulate points that can be redeemed against Xerox equipment and products – regardless of where they are bought.

"The program rewards customers using authentic Xerox solid ink and toner products for their desktop single and multifunction printers," stated a Xerox press release. "Customers immediately earn 1,000 points for enrolling in the program, one point for every dollar spent on Xerox supplies and an additional 100 points for each eligible device registered."

Customers can also gift the value of points so you can put them towards family and friend presents, or put them towards a future purchase and even donate them to charity.

Xerox's reward scheme shouldn't anger retail partners either as the system encourages customers to continue buying their Xerox products at the stores they always have. Although there's no guarantee that this will happen.

As Xerox are encouraging many Xerox equipment purchasers to enrol in a managed print services programme – which means that solution providers actively monitor supplies and problems with a printer or device – it is unclear if the points system will work with that service. However, if it does it'll be an even sweeter rewards programme as it will essentially be getting discounted or free products just for using your Xerox machine.

It's also a smart move in a time where retaining customers in the printing space is key to survival due to the falling rates in print.

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