Infographic: Connecting with Mobile Customers

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the mobile customer snapshot

Mobile customers are a lucrative market. They no longer present themselves as a consumer on the periphery. Now they're fully integrated and at the heart of every company's omni-channel offering.

But just how important are they?

Well, due to the rapid growth in mobile and tablet technology, understanding of apps, and a deeper investment into the market, the mobile customer is a bigger slice of the pie than you'd expect.

Now customer expect personalised and self-service options – alongside real-time support and a plethora of shopping or searching options open to them.

The infographic shown below (click for larger image), courtesy of Parature, gives you a nice – digestible – overview of exactly who the mobile consumer is and what they want from their mobile platform, and what they think of companies who help facilitate their need.


At this year's Europe's Customer Festival, the mobile customer will pay a big part in securing the future of retail and this will form a large part of discussions into securing customer loyalty in the future.