It’s About Brand Experience, Not Brand Loyalty, Survey Suggests

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It’s About Brand Experience, Not Brand Loyalty, Survey Suggests

Brand loyalty is something every company want to acquire, but according to a recent survey, ensuring customers have a great brand experience could actually be tantamount to bringing a customer back – not the loyalty schemes you put in place.

The Opinion Research Corporation carried out a survey on 1,000 US citizens between the ages of 18 and 44. The results presented showed that over half based their loyalty to a brand on the experience had, rather than the loyalty schemes offered.

Sixty-six per cent of consumers in the US shop online via mass-market sites like Amazon and While these don't offer much more than a pure-value-pricing set up in terms of competing with other online stores, many returned again and again, proved by 63 per cent of buyers acting upon "experience" factors.

Seventy-five per cent also based their purchases on customer reviews, rather than price and offers.

Sixty-eight per cent of female consumers also stated they were more loyal to brands than males did – of which only 55 per cent believed they were brand-loyal.

"No longer are the days brands can advocate solely for themselves," said CEO and founder of Analytic Partners, Nancy Smith. "In fact, the way brands spend their marketing dollars to interact with their consumers can ultimately have a real impact on profitability."

Those living in the South of the US are also more loyal to brands over those who live elsewhere in the nation. Sixty-seven asset themselves as brand loyal in the region, while only 56% living on the West coast say they are.

"The general conclusion we can make from these findings is that people want to be loved by the brands that they love — loyalty has become a two-way street," said Smith.

These findings aren't unsurpsing, especially as a similar test in the UK revealed that customer service was an incredibly important factor in securing continual business with a company.

At least there are some brands making an effort to change their in-store experience for consumers.

Are you surprised by the survey's findings?

Do you think that customer experience is as important as loyalty schemes outside of the US?

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