5 Cringeworthy Customer Service Training Videos

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5 Cringeworthy Customer Service Training Videos

Customer service is paramount to a successful business, and that's why so much time and money goes into training staff in how to properly engage and help customers who they come into contact with.

However, there tends to be a trend for some customer service videos to be diabolically awful.

They still make good points, but they have a tendency to be patronising to staff, contain some of the worst acting around, and generally serve to mock the company's ideals rather than re-enforce them.

Here are just 5 films that just make you want to cringe.


Isle of Capri Casinos – See.Say.Smile.


American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute – Front Desk First Impressions: The Unprofessional


Once In A Blue Moose – Selling is Service, Service is Selling: A Musical Training Video


Nintendo – Retail Customer Service Training Video


USD The Service Centre – Customer Service Video


Know of more awful videos for customer service training?

Leave them in a comment below along with your thoughts on the matter.