Infographic: Are You Using Social Media Properly?

In Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Featured on App, Omnichannel, Social media by Vaughn Highfield

Social media has changed the way we interact with the world. It's shaped how customers and businesses interact, and it's all grown rather rapidly – leaving many businesses behind in its wake.

Now that they're all catching up, it's time to see if companies are using social media properly at all to engage with their customers.

Taken from findings made by the Customer Response Summit report, Total Customer has put together this handy infographic highlighting some key points from the study – it;s alarming how unaware companies are when connecting with mobile customers.

Social media is a big point for Europe's Customer Festival, where its impact and how to use it effectively will be a key point of discussion. You can currently register for updates for free, so why not do it?


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