The 10 Richest People in UK Retail

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10 Richest People in the UK from Retail

The Sunday Times Rich List is one of the defining moments in the year for some of the richest individuals in the UK. It ranks the UK's top 1000 wealthiest for all to see, showing us how they made their millions and providing us with tantalising titbits of information from their past.

So, who are the 10 richest people in the UK who made their wealth through retailing? Read on to find out.


10. George Davies

George Davies

Age: 71

Wealth: £100m

Rich List 2013 Position: 777th

Davis headed Next from its creation in the 1980s and started Asda's George range of clothing in the ‘90s. He then went on to launch Per Una at Marks & Spencer.


9. Lennie and Iain McGeoch


Age: 72 and 67

Wealth: £110m

Rich List 2013 Position: 713

Owners of Mackays Stores group who own the M&Co chain of clothing stores. Ian bought out Lennie's share for £42m in 2001.


8. Julian Richer

Julian Richer

Age: 54

Wealth: £115m

Rich List 2013 Position: 693

Founded the London-based (and now nationwide) hi-fi and electronics retailer Richer Sounds which is now worth £50m. Also owns


7. Charles Wilson

charles wilson

Age: 47

Wealth: £144m

Rich List 2013 Position: 569

Made his millions in turning around the Arcadia retail business and running the Northants-based wholesale company Booker.


6. Nick Wheeler and Chrissie Rucker

Charles Tyrwhitt’s Nick Wheeler and The White Company’s Chrissie Rucker

Age: 48 and 44

Wealth: £185m

Rich List 2013 Position: 427

Nick Wheeler founded the Charles Tyrwhitt shirt business and Chrissie Rucker founded home furnishings and towel business The White Company. They both have other assets.


5. Jonas Kamprad

Jonas Kamprad

Age: 47

Wealth: £404m

Rich List 2013 Position: 222

Runs the Ikea furniture store chain set up by his father Ingvar Kamprad. He has a stake in Ikano and is a director and small shareholder in Jessen & Co – a city operation known for Noble Rot restaurant and a club in Mayfair.


4. Christina Ong and Family


Age: 65

Wealth: £700m

Rich List 2013 Position: 126

Married to Malaysian businessman Ong Beng Seng, Christina started high-end fashion retailer Club 21. The family has a stake in Mulberry with Ong's daughter Melissa being a non-executive director. Family also owns the COMO group of hotels and island getaways.


3. Mohamed al-Fayed and family


Age: 84

Wealth: £1,150m

Rich list 2013 Position: 67

Having sold Harrods in 2010 for £1.5bn, Fayed now chairs Fulham FC and owns the 65,000 acre Balnagown estate in Scotland and makes his own whisky. He also owns the Ritz hotel in Paris.


2. Sir Phillip and Lady Green

Sir Phillip and Lady Green

Age: 61 and 63

Wealth: £3,880m

Rich List 2013 Position: 16

Owners of the Arcadia fashion operation that owns Topshop and Topman brands. Brought the brand to Hong Kong, as well as expanding into Australia, Brazil and Canada. Most of the business is in his wife, Tina's, name.


1. Galen and George Weston and family

Galen and George Weson

Age: 72 and 49

Wealth: £6,650m

Rich List 2013 Position: 11

Galen Weston owns a huge George Weston operation in Canada, which included Loblaw supermarkets and Weston Foods. His Dublin-born wife Hilary founded and designed the exclusive Windsor community in Vero Beach, Florida. They also own the four Selfridges department stores in the UK.

George Weston, Galen's nephew, runs Associated British Foods – which owns Primark as well as Fortnum & Mason.