JC Penny Issues Apology to Consumers In A Bid to Bring Them Back

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JC Penny Issues Apology to Consumers In A Bid to Bring Them Back

American fashion retailer JC Penny recently started a new marketing campaign apologising for the company's recent mistakes as they bid to bring back their once loyal customers.

In a bid to capture the retail success that Apple had managed with their swish and swanky high-street stores, JC Penny hired retail chief Ron Johnson as company CEO to help re-invigorate the business.

Except, the complete opposite occurred and JC Penny lost customers and millions of dollars in the process.

Now though, in a bid to bring them back, they've launched a new campaign with an advert on YouTube to say sorry for their mistakes and to let them know they've changed back to how they once were.

Johnson's changes – while positive – had a terrible knock on effect as customers were put off by the in-store revamps and the lack of apparent deals that occurred.

Johnson had decided that JC Penny should be far more on the in-store experience, as many companies could rival them in terms of price and online availability. He also decided to do away with the many sales and discount lines, instead creating a lower price-point that wouldn't change.

This didn't sit well as it had lost the apparent ‘deal' aspect that many American shoppers look for – despite it being a deal all the time.

Judging by the YouTube comments – which clearly aren't the intellectual bar you should judge any marketing response by – customers still aren't happy, but this time it's because "this ad sucks."

Do you think JC Penny were right to buckle to their consumers so quickly?

Should they have held out for longer and waited for people to realise they were ahead of the curve?

Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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