35 Top Influencers and Innovators in South African Technology

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top influencers in SA


I have been speaking to many businesses both locally and abroad about technology in Africa and many businesses seem to think that South Africa is not as advances in the technology space as other countries, so my company went on a mission to prove them wrong.

We uncovered a range of Innovators and Entrepreneurs who have made waves in Africa.

What we found was an abundance of knowledge, and in my opinion the Enterprise space has never been healthier and with more opportunity that it is right now.

We have listed 35 top go getters in the African market who we see as making a difference.

This is a good read and with a range of industries from the

  • Telecommunications
  • Big data
  • Online payments
  • Digital marketing
  • Mobility
  • Social media

and many more.

I would be very interested to hear who you believe should also make this list.

If you would like to find out more about the latest innovations in technology in Africa you need to be at the Enterprise Technology show in Johannesburg on the 29-30th October.