McDonalds Reveals Its Marketing Technique – Wins Over the Web

In Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Featured on App, Featured Videos, Social media by Vaughn Highfield

Popular fast-food restaraunt McDonalds – you know the one, those golden arches are unmistakable – has released a behind-the-scenes video on just how they make their burgers look utterly irresistable in marketing documents.

It may be quite the brave move, but in doing so it’s also meant that they’ve broken down the barrier between marketer and customer in a new way that shows honesty and respect towards their customers.

Revealing that their photoshoots actually take hours to happen, with food being prepped to look as if it was bursting forth from a burger – thus informing customers of everythign they’ll be getting in each bite – the reality is very different. And McDonalds knows this.

They aren’t making apologies though, instead they’re being honest and explaining why the marketing team does what it does.

If anything, this video will make you hungry for a Whopper, be it a finely-crafted 2 hour process or the more slap-dash 30-second one you’ll find at your local “Maccy D’s”.