American Airlines Rewards Popular Social Media Influencers

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American Airlines Rewards Popular Social Media Influencers

Your social media influence can score you perks and loyalty points in a hope that you'll reach out and share your experiences with others.

We all know that people love themselves deep down. They love hearing how important they are, how everyone loves them and just how influential they are to other people. So, why not play upon that fact and start rewarding people based on how popular they are?

Well, that's exactly what American Airlines are doing with their business class Admiral's Lounge.

Anyone with a Klout Score of 55 can hang out one time – for free – in one of their Admiral's Lounges in 40 different airlines. Even if you aren't flying with them.

Successful Klouters (I'm assuming that's what you'd call a Klout user) get free WiFi, beer, wine, spirits, snacks and – in their words – "spa-like showers".

It's unfortunate for me as I'm sat just one point away from the mark, but that does make you wonder just how hard it has to be to get 55 points.

Social media influence has been used before to help customers gain discounts, with one US store offering money off products for those who tweet and share their purchase with the world.

However, such a big Klout reward could herald the start of a new advertising campaign focused heavily on social influence.

However, could we run into the risk of things becoming a popularity contest for prizes?

To borrow the words of Radiohead's Thom Yorke, isn't this all so ridiculously teenage and desperate?

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