MPOS Provider Square Discovers North Americans Love Bacon

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MPOS Provider Square Discovers North Americans Love Bacon

Mobile POS provider Square have added a new feature to their payments service to aid customer experience as it now remembers their more popular orders and amendments at food outlets.

The move also means Square have captured some interesting data on their users.

In a bid to speed up queue lines and give the customer a better experience in their food outlet of choice, Square's Square Register allows for modifications to customer orders.

The new system allows for businesses to keep track of customer preferences and inventory, allowing for insights into customer behaviour too.

It's pretty much their way of setting the service up for big data opportunities.

One thing it has already done across the last week is prove that American's really like bacon.

The top 10 modifiers applied to orders through Square Register are:

1. Bacon

2. Black

3. Large

4. Medium

5. Tomato

6. Lettuce

7. Small

8. Vanilla

9. Cheese

10. Onion


It also seems that the health-conscious state that is California ordered cheese as their biggest order modification, while Texans added "extras" to more orders than any other state. Oregon and Washington opted for an "extra shot" in their coffee and Pennsylvanians love to put onions on most of their food.

Do you think that Square's new service will herald surprising results for consumer behaviour?

Or is it really not the responsibility of a MPOS provider to help capture customer data for a business?

Let us know by leaving your thoughts below.


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