The Top 20 Most Social CMOs in the Fortune 100

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Top 20 Social CMOs

The Fortune 100 is a list of the biggest and best companies as determined by Fortune magazine. However, out of those companies, just how many are really making use of social media to help further their marketing efforts?

Thanks to BusinessNext Social's Mark Fidelman, we now have a list of the top 20 CMOs from the Fortune 100 who have an active public presence on social networks.

It's a key point to focus on and push further in with your marketing team as the findings show that those CMOs with active social media outlets actually had better response and more effective marketing campaigns.

What's worrying is that, in the Fortune 100 list, the majority of CMOs involved with each company had relatively little experience in building influencer communities or running their own active personal social network.

You can view the Top 20 below, and you should take a look at the top 20 most social media savvy companies in the world while you're at it.

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Top 20 Social CMOs