The 10 Key Minds In Customer Loyalty

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The 10 Key Minds In Customer Loyalty (Image Flickr)

Loyalty is a major focus for almost every business with customers. The need to reach customers and please them through almost every available portal that they could be using is crucial to gaining their loyalty and ensuring repeat business.

These 10 individuals all know how to make a loyalty solution work for a business, which is why they've made our list of the 10 key minds involved in customer loyalty.


Brad Bennett


With more than 20 years of experience in CRM, customer service and customer experience, Bennett is an advocate of social media as a driving force for shaping customer experience.

Twitter Followers: 42,412

Klout: 57

LinkedIn Connections: 500+


Jim Connolly


Having worked in marketing for 26 years, having founded his own successful marketing business in 1995, Connolly specialises in helping small business owners make massive sales, boost profits and grow their business. He runs the 2nd most influential blog across social media, SEO, design, start-ups and technology.

Twitter Followers: 7,590

Klout: 69

LinkedIn Connections: N/A


Clive Humby


Founder of DunnHumby and now head of H&D Ventures, Humby is one of the most experienced people in the loyalty, marketing and omni-channel sector. His work has helped major brands engage more meaningfully with their customers.

Twitter Followers: N/A

Klout: N/A

LinkedIn Connections: 500+


Terry Hunt


Having been the founder of Evans Hunt Scott in 1986, as well as going on to become Marketing Direct’s top of DM Power 100, Hunt has a wealth of experience under his belt in advising and informing businesses on their loyalty marketing strategies. He's also been appointed as the president of the Institute of Direct Marketing, and joined the Advisory Board of Aimia too.

Twitter Followers: N/A

Klout: N/A

LinkedIn Connections: 474


David Johnston


Having worked in various roles at both PepsiCo and Bass, Johnston's biggest contribution to loyalty has undoubtedly been as President and CEO EMEA at Aimia. Now, in his new role as Group Chief Operating Officer at Aimia he's expertly positioned to help businesses utilise the power of brand in capturing customer loyalty.

Twitter Followers: N/A

Klout: N/A

LinkedIn Connections: 433


Dean Van Leeuwen


Co-founder of TomorrowToday International, an organisation that inspires leaders to think about people and the industry differently, Van Leeuwen taps into his 20+ years of experience in marketing, innovations and strategy to help companies shape powerful loyalty ideas.

Twitter Followers: 2,467

Klout: 50

LinkedIn Connections: 500+


Jan-Pieter Lips


A key player and influencer in the loyalty and omni-channel space, Lips is the Regional President of Aimia and has helped shape the UK's biggest loyalty programme, Nectar, into what it is today. Lips' influence and knowledge of attaining and retaining customer loyalty through an omni-channel approach means he's got plenty of tricks and tips to share.

Twitter Followers: N/A

Klout: N/A

LinkedIn Connections: 500+


Sir Keith Mills


Deputy chairman of LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games), Mills also invented the incredibly lucrative Air Miles scheme and the massively popular Nectar Card.

Twitter: N/A

Klout: N/A

LinkedIn Connections: N/A


Bryan Pearson


Author of The loyalty Leap: Turing Customer Information into Customer Intimacy, LoyaltyOne CEO and prolific blogger and guest contributor to Total Customer, Pearson is undeniably knowledgeable and influential in the loyalty, big data and omni-channel space. His thoughts on how to reach and engage customers have helped shape many businesses to date.

Twitter Followers: 1,375

Klout: 46

LinkedIn Connections: 500+


Michael Seifert


As CEO and owner of Sitecore, a global software company committed to developing products to solve real world problems through CRM and omni-channel solutions, Seifert knows his way around the omni-channel web. The knowledge he can pass onto others is incredibly valuable.

Twitter Followers: N/A

Klout: 43

LinkedIn Connections: 500+


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