Can Google Convert the Loyal to the Devoted?

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Can Google Convert the Loyal to the Devoted?

A recent survey by Forrester (via Fortune) shows that people are loyal to Google, but have no devotion to the company in comparison to Microsoft and Apple.

That is when they're devoted at all as – from a survey of 9,766 ‘global information workers' – the vast majority of computer users (85 per cent worldwide or 88 per cent in the US) have little to no loyalty to any particular computing system.

Google doesn't fare well here, snatching only 1 per cent of the 6 per cent of devoted users. Apple, unsurprisingly, takes 56 per cent while Microsoft nabs 44.

Things are different in the ‘Loyalist' camp of users – determined by their affinity to having mostly unified or networked devices, but not completely.

Here Google takes up a tasty 25 per cent of the share while Microsoft sits tight with 17. Once again Apple dominates with a 58 per cent share of the 9 per cent who fall into the Loyalist category.

For those who keep trend with technology, the results aren't surprising at all. Microsoft owns the vast majority of workplace computing, meaning consumers generally have multiple windows devices across the board – yes, some people do actually use Windows Phones.

Apple understandably have the high count in the devotees section as they've secured many users into their unified ecosystem of iPad, iPhone and Mac with many purchases and saved information being easily transferred.

Google, however, haven't managed to move out of the middle Loyalist bracket due to having little to no penetration on the desktop front.

Lots of people have Android-enabled phones, with Google's platform holding 75 per cent of the entire smartphone market. Lots of people also use Android tablets meaning data is easily transferred between the two. However, Chromebooks haven't taken off with many so, bar those using Google Chrome browser, the network cloud appeal of Google's offering diminishes fast.

What could they do to secure these Loyalists as Devotees? Make something consumers want.

Apple have managed to create devices that, until many used them, nobody knew they wanted. They positioned them as desirable and functional.

Google tried to do similar by showing that cloud computing and Chromebooks are the future. The trouble was they were far ahead of everybody else in that thought and the idea sunk – it's only now beginning to take off. For now Google need to create a Chromebook that has the computing power that many want, with sizeable offline storage and capabilities with a superior online experience when available – currently Chromebooks are entirely online devices.

What Google need to do is appease customer wishes for now before rolling out what they know they'll really want once they get their hands on it.

Google are used to playing the long game. They're biding their time with Google+ as they tweak it and slowly integrate it Android, Chrome, YouTube and even Google Glass.

Do you think that Google can win over consumers into a completely integrated system?

Is there any way to improve customer loyalty within the technology sector at all?

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Can Google Convert the Loyal to the Devoted? Loyalty World Europe shows you how to retain loyalty