Yahoo Attempts To Capture Lost Youth With Tumblr in Billion Dollar Deal

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Yahoo Attempts To Capture Lost Youth With Tumblr in Billion Dollar Deal

Yahoo have set out to recapture the young demographic that they've managed to lose by buying Tumblr.

Most of Yahoo's users are older than that of other search engines, chiefly because Yahoo captured these people when the World Wide Web was young and there was no such thing as Google – as impossible as that is to imagine.

These young and tech-savvy users stuck by Yahoo mostly and then the partnerships they've formed with others over time (namely BT Broadband) have helped keep them relevant as time as passed.

Finally the time has come and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made her first move in making Yahoo the ‘cool' brand it once was.

AllthingsD are reporting that Yahoo's board of directors today approved that first move by accepting a $1.1 billion deal to acquire the simple and stylish blogging site Tumblr.

Such a move has been done to bring in the core userbase that Yahoo lack, 16 – 24 year olds.

This is the biggest deal that Marissa Mayer has made since she joined Yahoo as previous ones have focused on the mobile market in a bid to secure a younger audience.

So, why's Tumblr such an attractive proposition?

Well, the social networking and blogging service has more than 100 million blogs and has been rolling out a bigger and better mobile strategy and app.

Tumblr also gained 117 million worldwide visitors in April, with 37 million coming from the US alone – placing it in the same realms as LinkedIn and Twitter (at least in terms of desktop browser visits).

The deal now means that Yahoo can revive their staggering advertising branch and hopefully revive their brand image with a younger audience – probably scoring a hipster or two along the way.

The biggest challenge that Tumblr does present is how to place adverts on personal blogs without encroaching on personal space. There are also a lot of pornographic images on Tumblr, meaning Yahoo have to be careful about what they advertise and where.

Do you think that Yahoo were a bit money happy with this venture?

Could it really turn around Yahoo's fortunes with the younger generation?

Let us know by leaving a comment below with your thoughts.