Industry Focus: Bazaarvoice

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Industry Focus: Bazaarvoice

Translated literally as the "voice" of the "marketplace," Bazaarvoice believe customers want to share experiences and opinions, and learn from likeminded people when they decide to make a purchase.

This, in turn, means that companies will slowly know what their customers want and start delivering it far more effectively.

Bazaarvoice brings the voice of the customer right into the centre of business strategy – which is something they've been doing for nearly 2,000 clients around the world as they transform their business performance.

Their clients range from over half of the Internet Retailer 500 list of the worlds largest retailers, over 20 per cent of the Fortune 500 and over one third of the Fortune 100 brands.

It's clear that they know what they're talking about.

They've been crucial in helping companies create social communities on their brand websites and Facebook pages to promote customer interactivity. Their software allows these conversations to be carried across a whole host of digital channels and made accessible at multiple points of purchase.

Word of mouth can now be turned into actionable insights that improve marketing, sales, customer service and product development – allowing true insight and interactivity with your brand's customers.

What's more, Bazaarvoice are at this year's Europe's Customer Festival helping you understand customer loyalty and the world of omni-channel and big data.

Loyalty World EU where Bazaarvoice will be