Infographic: Power of Customer Retention

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Infographic: Power of Customer Retention

Customer retention is key to a powerful business.

Did you know that 68 per cent of customers leave your business because they feel that your company just doesn't care about them?

Were you aware that 68 per cent of people leave due to poor customer service?

Well, this handy infographic from Kapow gives you all the negative information you can handle around ensuring that you keep your customers happy and your customer retention numbers high.

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At this year's Europe's Customer Festival you can find out from key minds in the loyalty industry on just how you can improve customer retention numbers and secure that crucial percentage of loyal customers.



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Infographic: Power of Customer Retention


  1. Gray Hammond

    I was talking to my barber about this yesterday. Despite being a “one-man band”, he’s calculated that new customers cost him at least 3 times the value of established customers. So he doesn’t advertise, sends teens looking for a prom “do” (who don’t have long-term $) to his competitors, and supports local charities.

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