5 Tips For Creating A Branded App

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5 Tips For Creating A Branded App

Apps are big business, I don't have to tell you that. But how do you go about making an app for your brand? And what should you always keep in mind while doing so?

Well, here's five simple things to ensure you always do when going ahead to create an app – follow these and you'll be sure to have an app up and running with few complications.

Although, you will still need to find someone/have a team of app developers to ensure it all works smoothly!


1. Don't Assume People Want Your App

That sounds very counter-productive, but even if a handful of people have inquired about an app, it doesn't mean everybody else wants one.

Make sure you do your research first and create an application that solves the need your customers have, rather than one you perceive them to have.


2. Keep it Branded

Make sure it fits in with the rest of your brand. An app without branding doesn't inspire confidence, nor does it show the care and attention that a customer want's to see from a brand. It'll also be harder to spot on the store if it doesn't conform to the usual brand image.


3. Stay on the Right Side of the Rules

While Android is relatively lax in terms of what's needed, Apple aren't. You certainly don't want to get on their bad side, so make sure you stick to the rules from the word go and keep your app updated to ensure a good customer experience.


4. Collect the Right Data

Having an app provides you with a great way to capture customer data and get a great insight into what your customers are doing. However, you can't record and capture data without express permission of the user and there's certainly a lot of data that you probably won't even need to record.

Make sure you take the right stuff and don't clog your servers with the wrong stuff.


5. Don't Re-create or Re-direct to Your Webpage

This is the biggest faux pas you can make in the app world. The moment you make an app link to a website it smacks of not caring about your customer or their mobile experience. It'll mean you lose favour with customers and end up with an app that nobody will touch.


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