How to use Customer Feedback from Social Media

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At our conference in 2012, Donna Sanker, VP Marketing at BP ampm, presented how companies should use customer feedback from social media.

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Donna Sanker joined BP, parent of the ARCO and ampm brands, in 1996 and has held various operations and marketing positions for the company. During ampm‘s national expansion, she led advertising, marketing and public relations, and was previously responsible for transforming BP’s U.S. convenience retail business to 100 percent franchises.

Through her presentation, she shares with us all her experience on how to use customer feedback from social media. Download to learn:

  • Why companies should use social media channel
  • How the company should use social media
  • The rules of engagement
  • How to turn a negative comment into a positive strategy
  • How to engage with clients
  • How to address the skeptics
  • The lessons the company learned through social media
  • The tactics to engage with clientes

Check out her full presentation here >

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