5 Reasons Why Fast Food Home Delivery Works

In Customer Experience, Featured on App, Marketing and Sales by Julia Eisler

Burger King, McDonald's and other fast food burger chains have implemented a new way to reach out to consumers since the end of 2012 – they're offering to deliver their product right to the customer's front door. It's no surprise that in the internet age consumers expect to be able to do anything and everything from the comfort of their own homes. Plus, let's face it, food delivery is nothing new – just yesterday I ordered a fantastic meatball parm hero from my favorite local pizzeria. What is new is the rise in popularity of home delivery services by major fast food burger chains, a trend being spear-headed by Burger King.

In the past week Burger King announced the expansion of their home delivery service, BK Delivers, to include both Sacramento, CA and Las Vegas, NV. (The home delivery service already exists in certain parts of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Texas, and Virginia). This leads consumers to wonder: is home delivery by fast food burger chains really the future of the industry? Based on the continued success and consequently the expansion of the trend all signs point to yes, and here's why:

1) Home delivery is rising in every industry.

Today it's hard to find something you can't buy online. With everything imaginable available for delivery right to your door, shopping online is a trend that is continuing to grow exponentially.

2) Home delivery is convenient.

It's one of the reasons many people choose to shop online for anything, really. You can have the product of your choice delivered to your home with limited effort on your part.

3) Home delivery saves you time.

By saving the time typically spent preparing a meal for yourself or your family and without the travel time needed to pick-up prepared food, home delivery of fast food gives you more time to spend alone or with your family.

4) Home delivery of fast food burger chains is already and international trend.

Some fast food burger chains, like McDonald's, have had a home delivery service available in the international market for years! This is proof that home delivery by these chains is already a tried and true technique.

5) Home delivery gives a company more promotional opportunities.

Looking to save a few bucks? While ordering online does require you to spend a certain pre-determined amount, plus pay a delivery fee, the chains still try to make it worth your while. If you order online you'll be greeted with a menu that includes a list of promotional deals available only to customers who have chosen to order online.

The rise of home delivery by fast food burger chains is yet another way that companies have found to allow consumers to have it their way. What do you think about this new trend and its growing popularity?