44 Per Cent Won’t Return to Sites That Aren’t Mobile Ready

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44 Per Cent Won't Return to Sites That Aren't Mobile Ready

In this increasingly omni-channel world that retail and businesses exist in, it's all about making sure that you provide a service that suits your customer in the best way. Be that through giving them the best options for loyalty schemes or something as simple as letting them shop with you exactly how they like.

Well, in a recent survey conducted by Kentico Software, it seems that nearly half of those asked said they wouldn't return to a site if it wasn't optimised for their mobile device.

Kentico's Mobile Experience Survey found that 85 per cent of smartphone owners use their device to compare companies, products and pricing before making a purchase.

Forty-five per cent of those actually do so from a store's actual location.

While pricing definitely comes down one factor in where a customer buys their goods from, 78 per cent of smartphone owners, 75 per cent of tablet owners and 69 per cent of laptop owners also say it comes down to the look and feel of a company's mobile site.

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Seventy-six per cent of smartphone users and 78 per cent of tablet users said that they often return to sites that have been optimised properly for mobiles, both looking good and working well – that's certainly a large number of potential customers for sure.

However, when websites aren't optimised well for mobile, 44 per cent of people said they would never go back to it again, and 52 per cent said they wouldn't return often.

Still, what's most interesting to hear is that – despite the rise in claims that the high-street is dead – 63 per cent of those surveyed would rather shop in a physical location rather than online.

Online shoppers also prefer larger screens over smaller ones, with preference for using a mobile to shop online diminishing. When asked which devices offer the best shopping experiences 48 per cent said a computer, 40 per cent said a laptop and only 9 and 3 per cent replied with tablet and mobile phone respectively.

You'll have to take some of these facts with a pinch of salt though as Kentico only conducted their Kentico Mobile Experience Survey with 300 US citizens aged over 18. If the sample size was large, and quite possibly international, then things may be a lot more reliable.

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