3 Strategies to Use on Social Media to Earn Customer Loyalty

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In this new digital age, businesses are searching for the best way to leverage the latest social media tools and interact with existing and potential customers. We cannot ignore the importance of digital platforms and how social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are becoming such powerful influential sites.

With consumers turning to social media sites for advice on specific products and brands, marketers need to up their game in this competitive marketplace where customer loyalty is a big prize that every brand is fighting for.

According to Entrepreneur Media, collecting Facebook ‘Likes’ and Twitter followers are important to build up a fanbase in the social media world. However, what's even more important is to maintain the relationship and even turning these social media fans into brand advocators. These are three strategies that they suggested:

1) Listen before you engage with fans: If brands take time to understand the interests and preferences of their potential customers, they will then be able to engage in a continuous 2-way communication with their target audience.

2) Concentrate on your ‘soul mates': Brands should identify the social media advocates who might potentially be the ones who are genuinely interested about the former's products and services.

3) Make new fans with multi-platform campaigns: Seasoned marketers would advice brands to have an all-rounder campaign – establish a presence not just on digital platforms, but also on other media. Multi-channel marketing is the key.

On strategy 1 in deeper insights, how can businesses use these social media tools practically to create commercial value and drive profitability? Aliza Knox, Manging Director of Twitter APAC, will be joining us at Loyalty World Asia this September to share practical advice on how you can leverage on Twitter (using real-time Tweets) to connect your brand messaging to what's most meaningful to your customer.

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