Top 3 Data Protection Topics That Brazillian E-commerce is Looking Into

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Brazil's online shopping has been quickly growing for the past couple of years. For 2013 and on, e-commerce is the number one topic for all retail companies. Top points of attention go from infrastructure and logistics to client experience and data protection. And this also involves big cultural changes for both the consumers and retailers.

So the leading question is how to make sure customers feel safe about sharing their personal information when shopping online?

I spoke last week with Rodrigo Rodrigues, Head of IT at, the largest multi-brand e-commerce company in the area. He told me how he is implementing data protection for Dafiti's database, and, obviously, there's so much  IT and technology executives need to look into when thinking about data protection.

But here's what they can't miss when ensuring the safety of their customer's information within their database:

  • Compliance:
    Compliance is increasingly becoming a more important and relevant issue to all organizations large and small. So organizing a compliance plan and making the organization accountable is something that cannot be ignored.
  • Operational Policy and Procedures:
    Ensuring employees know exactly how to procedure in each case when storing and managing your customers' information to increase safety. Don't forget, your team is who is working within your database and they need to know what to do and how to do it.
  • Keeping logs for data transfers, including for your IT suppliers:
    This way it's possible to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to data by encrypting customer's info, for example.

Rodrigo will be sharing his insights on data protection through a case study about how the largest e-commerce in Brazil ensures its customer’s information safety at Big Data World Brasil, this coming September, at the Hotel Unique, in São Paulo. If you need to learn how capitalize on the massive potential of big data under the perspective of client relationship strategies, don't miss this opportunity!

[Image: Mista Bob – Flickr]