Automaker Toyota is Using Big Data Too

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It is said that 90 per cent of today's data was created in the last two years alone.

What does this explosion of data mean for businesses today?

CIOs, CTOs and tech executives all around the world are joining the big data community rapidly. In Asia though, Big Data is slowly picking up. One thing that brands (B2C in particular) cannot ignore or take a back seat on, is the fact that big data has a crucial role to play in ensuring the success of one's customer engagement efforts.

Recently, automaker Toyota has announced its plans to roll out big data service in 700,000 vehicles produced in Japan, to help drivers during disasters (e.g. sharing their own observations on road conditions, including roadblocks and strong winds, with other drivers).

Toyota motor is not the only automaker that is leveraging on big data. Other players in the automotive industry, such as Ford and McClaren, have also implemented big data into their business operations.

Click here to view the case study on Ford.

Click here to view the case study on McClaren.

With massive amount of information available for businesses, businesses need to look at big data more seriously and decide on how they can channel it to meet their business objectives.

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