4 Tips to Understand Millennials

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Millennials are just like everyone else: we love great customer experience, we like to be satisfied, and we’re loyal to human causes.

Millennials/Generation Y/Hipsters, whatever name you come up for the new consuming force born after 1980 doesn’t matter. What matters is how companies are changing to construct brand loyalty in new ways. I know we aren’t perfect: we have short attention spans, snappy responses, and inflated self perception – especially online. There are also upsides to this: we can multitask effectively, spend, and tweet/pintrest/tumble/instagram it. I am a member of this generation and after speaking to friends over the past couple weeks I want to offer a list of what we like and why we like it:

1. We are humans and diverse.

We aren’t necessarily tweens, millennials, generation __ but rather, we often self define as precisely nothing. We respond to great human marketing just like any adult. Didactic marketing strategies that corner us and assume we all say #lol #omg #ilovehashtagsfornoreason is more often annoying than effective.

2. Eco-friendly products.

Many of us like when a brand shows that it really cares about things beyond the transactional point of sale. One friend said to me, “If it’s produced closer to my house then I probably will like it better. I can’t tell the difference in quality between certain products so I just buy the more local product.”

3. Loyalty as a multifaceted idea rather than as singular end game.

Another friend: “I am loyal to Dr. Bronner’s because it is always is trying to make things greener with donations and direct involvement. Brands I love offer more than just products to me.” In this way, brand loyalty is not just constructed through the quality of the product, but also through the fresh and original ideas of the company + product behind the brand. Think BOGO (Buy One Give One), Warby Parker, and Toms.

4. Move fluidly between e-commerce and brick and mortar.

We shop online and in the store and often at the same time. Integrating these two experiences is key.

OK so these aren’t meant to be rules, but suggestions that illuminate ways to build brand loyalty with us. And the upside is, from what I can tell, we love to consume.