The Customer Review: Is it important?

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Customer feedback

In our eternally connected world where nearly everyone is being tracked and quantified, just how important are customer reviews?

I'm not necessarily talking about some words left on an Amazon product by your fellow human, nor a comment on Google Play, customer reviews can be posts left on Facebook and shared experiences on Twitter.

Personally, I couldn't stand the opinion of my fellow man. Other than the otherwise amusing post on a product review page – or genuinely informative submissions – their poor customer service experience, shopping experience, and personal opinions literally mean nothing to me.

I'm well aware that my view is in the minority here, but when it comes to the opinions of those I follow and know on Twitter and – in some cases – the people I'm friends with on Facebook, it really matters.

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A bad experience shared through these channels can have terrible repercussions, and on Twitter it'll spread faster than a forest fire in the heat of summer. Luckily many companies have a team of people out there on the internet ready to pounce and stem the flow of these problems before they explode into something far larger.

While this is rather simple practice for online retailers who can stem the flow of a problem quickly with advice, it's far harder to cap the issues faced in a brick and mortar store. After all, it only takes one incident with an reasonably influential Twitter user for a tweet to happen and spread.

Some firms have tried to stem this problem by utilising their online team to stem the message's flow, but also by encouraging many users to leave consumer reviews – rewarding them with points that can be used towards future purchases.

It's essentially buying their favour though, especially as they're more than likely to leave positive messages if they're getting something out of it. However, they have plans to branch out further with the power of Bazaarvoice to help connect them with consumers so they can interact more freely online.

Bazaarvoice's technology has managed to help many companies refine their products and services to really give customers what they want. It's a big part of business and that's why a larger number of businesses are really making the most of understanding customer feedback.

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"[The millennials] are all about transparency and they will have more spending power than any other generation in 2017," said Scott Anderson, VP of Customer Communications at Bazaarvoice.

It's true too, if retailers don't strive to keep consumers happy now, they'll face a larger problem in the future when their key market will be tech savvy and easily deterred from making a purchase with somewhere that doesn't treat them properly.

Are you making the most of your consumer connections?

Are you doing anything to help limit the damage to your brand across social networks?


If you'd like to find out more about the consumer social connection services that Bazaarvoice are facilitating, or if you'd just like to have a chat with someone at Bazaarvoice about what they're doing, then come to Loyalty World Europe in London where they'll be waiting for you on both days of the event.


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