Will Apple’s OS X Mavericks Change Web Advertising?

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Will Apple’s OS X Mavericks Change Web Advertising?

Yesterday at Apple's WWDC summit where they unveiled a new iOS, alongside a rather foolish decision to enter into the digital radio streaming market, they showed off a brand new Mac operating system: OS X Mavericks.

While a new operating system is really not that much of a big deal to marketers and advertisers, this one could be.

Why you ask?

Well, because of it's power saving features it won't be starting periphery plug-ins automatically. This means that it'll only run those that it deems necessary, such as video content on YouTube or a flash-based gallery on a website.

This also means that it'll shut down adverts, banners, overlays and anything generally deemed not necessary to a users web browsing experience. This means users will need to click to activate it if they want to watch them.

I think we both know that, in all honesty, a slim number of people are going to be doing that.

While this isn't quite the end of web-based advertising as we know it, it's certainly a start.

More and more people are buying MacBooks and iMacs, those who already have them will be prompted to update to Mavericks if their computer can handle it. That's millions of potential advertising revenue lost only a few days after Mavericks launches this autumn.

Needless to say, if this is a popular feature, the next iteration of Windows will undoubtedly integrate something similar. After all Microsoft has always been playing catch up to the innovations that Apple put inside their Mac OS software – remember Apple invented the mouse and the use of windows and tabs in an OS).

Surely it's better to start innovating how advertisement and marketing happens online sooner, rather than later?

I imagine that this means viral marketing will grow and more importance will be placed upon social media to boot.

I'm also envisioning a move towards campaigns that actively engage rather than sit passively on the side, waiting for people to click away on them.

How about you, what do you see the future of web-based marketing to be?

Do you even think that OS X Mavericks will pose a threat to the online marketer?


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