Omni-channel, Are You Doing Anything About it?

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Omni-channel, Are You Doing Anything About it?

Omni-channel may just well sound like a buzzword to the veteran employee or general marketing cynic, but it's very real and highly influential to improving your customer experience offering.

While some companies have certainly realised this fact and are already jumping at the chance to make the most of it – i.e. Marks & Spencer, Burberry, etc. – it appears many are just sitting idly by.

This may well because they aren't interested, but it's also probably due to the size and logistical challenges it puts forth – especially to some of the bigger companies in the world.

According to a new survey from SD Retail Consulting, it seems that of 35 large retailers, each of which has more than $1 billion in revenue, there was a chasm between talk of omni-channel and putting it into action.

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It seems that only 29 per cent of US retailers actually allow online orders to be picked up in stores. Only 18 per cent bother with mobile commerce, and even more staggeringly, 80 per cent know that they aren't sufficiently training store assistants to serve those who purchase across multiple channels.

"There has been so much written and spoken about this topic, one would have thought that retailers would have adapted quicker," said Antony Karabus, SD Retail's president.

While omni-channel offerings are certainly coming of age in the UK and Europe, it could be a while until the US properly catches up.


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