4 Ways to Reach the Mobile Consumer Effectively

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The world of omni-channel and the mobile consumer is becoming even more important for retailers. Every day high-street retail is suffering at the hands of online business as customers come into store, find the product they want and discover that it's cheaper online – sometimes even ordering it there and then in-store.

Naturally, this could be combatted by implementing a strong omni-channel presence within your business. However, there are some other strategies that could be brought in to help stem the flow of ‘showrooming' until your complete omni-channel strategy is up and running.


  • Vouchers:
    By giving users a way to access vouchers they can redeem in-store on their mobile device they're more than likely to shop with you than online. It doesn't even have to be a difficult task as barcodes can be scanned right from the phone screen. According to Juniper Research, mobile vouchers are redeemed ten times more than printout or traditional vouchers.
  • Information Apps:
    Last year, 72 per cent of smartphone owners relied on their devices in-store to get information on a product that wasn't available to them. Fourty-six per cent phoned a friend while 28 per cent used product reviews and 27 per cent compared prices. The solution? Provide more information on a product beyond a shelf label and a price. Place information tickets alongside each product or make use of a companion app for your business that provides all the information a customer could want about a product.
  • Loyalty Programmes:
    Hopefully you've already got a loyalty programme in place by now as it helps engage customers keep them coming back. According to Inc., returning customers spend 67 per cent more on average than first-time customers. Placing a loyalty scheme onto mobile means that this information is always available to the consumer and they won't have to remember to carry their loyalty cards around either.
  • Mobile Payment Processing:
    Mobile payments are fast becoming the future of payments, ready to replace the plastic card if adoption rates in stores rise high enough – or NFC takes off properly. Here you can make payments an absolute breeze by reducing checkout time, or letting them skip queues altogether by scanning and paying as they go.


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