Aimia Discuss How to Build Loyalty in Mobile

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Speaking to UntetherTV, Aimia’s VP of Knowledge Development Richard Ferguson discusses the importance of having a mobile loyalty programme in place for your business to help connect with consumers specifically.

As this is a lengthy video around the concept of loyalty and covers a broad spectrum of information, below is a quick breakdown of places to skip to to find the relevant information.

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Video contents:

1. What is Aimia – 1:40
2. What are marketers most guilty of in the past 10 years – 6:30
3. What makes a customer loyal – 7:35
4. What can a loyalty marketing do – 8:35
5. What do you need to encourage a customer relationship – 9:30
6. How can you create true loyalty with the sheer volume of customers – 11:42
7. Case study: A small Ohio grocery store chain – 16:15
8. Is their a risk that loyalty becomes an ignored term – 19:40
9. Ron Johnson, JCPenny and the “simple” pricing paradox (that didn’t work) – 23:25
10. What are the key differences that mobile brings to loyalty – 26:00
11. What is the impact of the speed of change in the mobile industry on loyalty – 30:30
12. Why won’t loyalty just become dial tone? – 32:30
13. Why technology is a means to an end but not customer loyalty – 35:30
14. Is generation Y ready for mobile wallet and loyalty? – 37:20
15. What is the impact of loyalty on price of goods? – 39:00
16. What metrics should the focus be on to gauge loyalty – 43:30
17. Current customers vs high potential customers – 46:00
18. Tips on where/how to start in loyalty – 48:25
19. Summary: Don’t be lazy, you will damage your brand – 52:00

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