Facebook embraces #hashtags

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Recently, Facebook has introduced clickable hashtags into one's wall status, a move praised by many while some marketers are hesitant how it will work out for Facebook itself. Twitter has revolutionalised online conversations using hashtags, making it easier for a particular message or topic to be carried further along the viral effect; for marketers, this allow them to track conversations and find out what customers are talking about them, what are their preferences and dislikes, which in turn give brands a chance to convey the right products and services to their target audience.

While Facebook should have known earlier to introduce this earlier, it does not mean that they are losing out as they roll this out in phases now. SingTel is one brand that is taking on the new implementation by Facebook, using the hasghtag #Need4GSpeed in their latest campaign to popularise its 4G service. Although the Director of Digital Marketing (APAC), Miguel Bernas , commented that they are still unsure about the success (well, nothing on social media is guaranteed), SingTel understands the importance of being able to use hashtags to track people's conversations and respond to demands in real time.

Twitter  APAC's Managing Director, Aliza Knox, once said this about twitter's hashtags, "When you listen, 70% issues on Twitter are to do with products, 66 per cent requests about the company and another 60 per cent on consumer interactions." At the end of the day, it is about real time responding once again, which will lead to customer satisfaction and deeper relationships with their consumers.

At Loyalty World Asia & Big Data World Asia 2013, Aliza Knox will be giving a keynote on how brand loyalty can be build through social media, in particular with the usage of real-time tweets.

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