H&M Fall Victim to Their Own Success

In Customer Experience, Featured on App, Featured Videos, Marketing and Sales by Vaughn Highfield

Sweedish multinational high-street clothing retailer H&M may well have innovated high-street fashion to the point where they can now no longer compete.

Having started the trend for designer fashion brands within their stores for a limited period, many other high-street brands and department stores have taken on the same model turning it into a commonplace fact of fashion retailing instead of something unique.

Because of this, H&M’s offers just haven’t managed to stick too well in the marketplace, with their newest partnership with Jimmy Choo only seeing a one per cent increase in sales.

It’s not clear if H&M plans to stop their partnership with designers such as Jimmy Choo, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and even Madonna, but it’s clear that their innovation has come back around to bite them.

Perhaps they’ll pioneer something new and daring to get their market edge back.

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