Matalan Reach Out To Consumers With New ‘Fashion Sense TV’

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British fashion retailer Matalan have launched a brand new YouTube video series designed to help the customer make the most of Matalan’s collection.

Entitled Fashion Sense TV, the series is there to offer fashion advice to Matalan customers while also highlighting the clothing brand in a luxurious way.

Understandably they haven’t gone all high-brow in an attempt to come across like a high-end fashion label. Instead they’ve kept things down to earth while also polished and professional. It’s something that their customers will definitely appriciate as they won’t feel alienated or disconnected from the brand, instead embracing it and the information they provide.

Plenty of YouTube fashion bloggers are around, but now Matalan have essentially entered the space to provide the same level of insight but with a brand name behind it.

Do you think this is a smart move by Matalan?

You can view the entire series over on the Matalan Fashion Sense playlist.