Start-up Spotlight: Is Home Delivery About to Become Part of the Process When Car Shopping?

In Customer Experience, Featured on App, Marketing and Sales by Julia Eisler

Car shopping just got easier, start-up Tred will bring cars right to your front door for testing.

Did you know that the average amount of time spent at a car dealership is 11.5 hours? Even once you've picked a car, an average of 4.3 additional hours are spent actually making the purchase. Not anymore. One start-up plans on changing this by both eliminating the need to haggle for the best deal and slashing the hours spent at a dealership immensely.

Tred is a brand new company that brings the dealership to you. They know that your time is valuable and want to make the process go as smoothly as possible. When you visit their website they guide you through the initial research and help you to determine which car you're interested in. Then for $19 they will bring the car right to your house or office and let you take the car for a 15-mile drive around your neighborhood. If you're interested in testing it further they'll even let you keep the car overnight, provided you leave your car with them.

After the 15-mile ride you will be sent a price pack with all of the details on how to make the purchase. This price is non-negotiable, which means you're already guaranteed the lowest possible price without needing to haggle. The price information is sent to you without obligation, but with an expiration date. You have two weeks after the test drive to determine if you'd like to purchase the car or pass on the offer.

The best parts of Tred are those that make them unique service. All of the negatives encountered when dealing with car salesmen are removed from the picture. The Tred Auto Experts have no brand affiliation, so they're not set on getting you into a specific type of car. In fact, they're not trying to sell you anything at all, really. What I mean is that they're not paid based on commission, but instead they receive a bonus for positive customer service reviews – so the focus really is on the customer and not on making the final sale.

According to an survey, in last decade over 89 percent of web-users looking to purchase a car did their preliminary research online. It was only a matter of time before this was taken one step further. By making it more convenient for the consumer (bringing the cars onto their turf, at a time that works for them) Tred seeks to create a stress-free car buying experience. The days of dragging impatient children to a dealership or trying arrange multiple days to check out cars then go back and actually make the purchase will soon be extinct if this start-up takes off.

Would you use Tred? Have you already used this service? If so tell us about your experience! We'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments below. Do you think that home delivery will soon become integrated with every aspect of our lives?

[Image: Elaine A – flikr]