Top 5 Rail Marketing Campaigns

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While researching Rail Revenue & Customer Management World Congress 2013 I came across some great innovative and well thought out marketing campaigns from rail operators. With the liberalisation of the market rail companies have really started to pull their finger out and deliver some great cross channel marketing to inspire new and existing clients to use their service. Here are 5 of the best that I have come across so far, if there are any I have missed please contact me or add a comment below and I will update the list.

1. Virgin Trains – Fly Virgin Trains Campaign:


The "Fly Virgin Trains Campaign" campaign is a retro style multi channel ad campaign Virgin have rolled out to focus on the time it takes to to destinations such as Liverpool & Glasgow from London.

The ads will run across social media, radio, press, online and outdoor and is looking to target car drivers by placing media on truck sides through heavy traffic hotspots and screens at service station to move them towards a journey by train instead.

It's a fresh new campaign and in typical Virgin style really focuses on the customer experience and raises awareness of journey times.

2. SNCF – Rubbish Campaign:


To try and stop travellers from throwing chewing gum or cigarettes on the floor, outside Gare de Marseille train station, SNCF commissioned these two temporary sculptures.  Standing at an impressive 5 meters in height the cigarette and lump of chewed gum are bound to get noticed!

This is a great example of creating a caring brand and obviously it is very memorable.

3. Amtrak – Ride With Pride Campaign:


Amtrak is rolling with the times and promoting diversity on their trains by marketing their campaigns directly to the Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The new "Ride With Pride" campaign shows two same-sex couples with children and directs users to a friendly site which features holiday packages with Martha's Vineyard and Lake Placid.

The two ad's are really focusing on the companies push for diversity and also promotes their half price campaign for children. It really shows the business philosophy of Amtrak and embraces a culture of respect and appreciation for differences and similarities of all people.

4. East Coast – Skyfall Press Campaign

To celebrate the launch of the Skyfall DVD & Blueray East Coast added a special Skyfall livery to their train for the event. One of the film's stars, actress Naomi Harris (Moneypenny) and producer Barbara Broccoli was there to see the maiden journey of the Class 91 locomotive which was also renumbered 91007 to mark the occasion.

It's a great example of using different industries to help gain awareness for your service and get some positive press coverage.

5. Thalys – Summer Festival Offers

Thalys positioned a great offer last year relating to some of the summer festivals happening around it's prime locations. Thalys links Brussels to Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne and Rotterdam offering low prices to the Brussels Summer Festival, The Amsterdam Roots Festival and Colognes infamous Beer Festival.

It was a great offer and fantastic advertising for those who want to truly experience Europe's summer festivities. Plus it showcased how Thaly's can transport passengers quickly and easily in spacious, air conditioned carriages with comfortable seats + free wifi access.

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