Customers ‘Like’ Brand Facebook Pages Because They Actually Like The Brand

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Customers ‘Like’ Brand Facebook Pages Because They Actually Like The Brand

Having a brand Facebook page is key for any B2C business that wants to connect with consumers and succeed in this modern world of social media driven marketing.

You'll want to engage with consumers, try hard to win them over and keep them engaged and really do anything in your power to make them well aware of who you are and what you do.

That said, a new survey from Syncapse would suggest that fans ‘Like' Facebook pages because they actually like them – instead of going in for a bargain or because their friends like the brand.

Not really that surprising when you think about it, but a lot of brands use their Facebook pages as a place to give away goodies, post up vouchers and offers and thus really neglect the brand tone and therefore not forge relationships with their Facebook using customers.

Working with Hotspex to interview 2,080 consumers in Q1 of 2013, the survey asked what their reasons for becoming Facebook fans of a brand were.

While close, it was clear that many like a page just because they support the brand they like and 78 per cent of them are current brand users.

Reasons for becomnig a brand fan on facebook

Not all brands performed the same though, some – such as Disney and Coca-Cola had a higher percentage of brand affinity than BMW and Zara. Many of Target's customers came for discounts and coupons, and Microsoft Xbox's fans were the most influenced by friends liking the group already.

Reasons for becomnig a brand fan on facebook individual brands

Syncapse believe that marketers should make use of such data measuring techniques to really push forward the idea of brand interaction along the lines of what a consumer wants.

Brands like Disney and Coke can tap into memories associated with the brand while pushing direct advertising into the fan page. Others, such as Zara should make use of community sharing for style and fashion over discounts and competitions.

Syncapse's VP of product marketing Max Kalehoff says that by going down this route of narrowing your audience to core fans, you can make the most of Facebook's ‘Lookalike Audiences' – a tool that pools people in a similar demographic to the makeup of a brand page so you can grow your exposure along the right lines.

I wouldn't say that it's a flat out rule that you shouldn't do that,” he says, referring to direct-response ads, “but you should do more emphasis on brand personality drivers because that really resonates with your core audience. Then you might want to mix it up.”

Granted, it'd be interesting to see how many people join groups to air their grievances.


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