Spring Airlines’ New Onboard Retailing Programme Gauges Passenger Demands and Expectations

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Customer insights are valuable to B2C brands who depend on the understanding of  customers' needs and wants to build a targeted marketing campaign via relevant touch points. Airlines is one industry that depend heavily on data analytics to deliver brand messaging and deepen customer intimacy.

Recently, Spring Airlines deployed an onboard retail technology platform into all its fleets, allowing customers to make payments via credit card and most importantly, helping the airline keep track of passengers' demands and in turn be able to gauge which are the popular items to stock up on. The budget airline is setting a good example, giving other airlines a reminder for the need to improve their efficiencies and re-invent their onboard retail experience for passengers.

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To some organisations, particularly in Asia, data analytics may sound like some rocket science term, impeding them from carrying out their marketing efforts in an efficient and effective manner. True enough, there are certain elements within data analytics that are dependent on the ability of marketers to analyse and make the right conclusions about their customers; this has to be balanced with a certain "art" about the way customer engagement is carried out based on the understanding of customers.

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