Using geo-demographics to improve targeted marketing

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Zuji - Desmond Phua

A customer's shopping behaviour is often influenced by various factors surrounding him. In a brand's effort to maximise its customers' shopping experience, it must be able to draw deep insights on their lifestyle, aspirations, needs, preferences and behaviours. Consequently, brands will be able to provide more personalised marketing messages and promotion to each group of customers with similar preferences and behaviours.

Here's an example of how an online travel agency took upon the steps to understand the geo-demographics of their target audience to increase their marketing performance.

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Zuji's Head of Customer Experience & Direct Channels, Desmond Phua shared what they did with the information they gathered about their customers at Loyalty World Asia 2012:

  • Know the market – Segment market to understand & address demand
  • Personalise to customers – Peak into destination patterns by seasonality, booking lead-time
  • Cultivate relationships – Understand customer unique behavior and preferences

Download the presentation to find out more.

At Loyalty World Asia 2013, emerge yourselves in interactive roundtable discussions on customer engagement and related topics and learn from your fellow peers on how to roll out more customised marketing efforts and earn loyal customers!

One of the roundtable topics will be on how brands can create more personalised marketing messages and promotions for higher conversion rates.

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