British Airways Improve Customer Experience With Electronic Luggage Tags

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British Airways Electronic Baggage Tag

For an airline, putting the customer first is key, even if there seems to be general discontent around their loyalty schemes. While their services are needed for traversing much of the world, if they don't make the arduous task of travelling through airports and boarding planes easier, then people just won't come back. That's why, working with Designworks, British Airways has developed an intuitive electronic bag tag.

These electronic tags replace those terrible paper tags that eventually tear or have their print rubbed off as you travel around. These tags, which can be used multiple times, are designed to save time for passengers and avoid lengthy queues.

Going on trail next month, the tag can be updated using NFC from a phone so it displays the proper boarding card information. It can then be scanned easily at a luggage drop off so the passenger can just go on through to security with ease.

"This is a fantastically simple, yet smart device that gives each customer the choice to have their own personalised electronic baggage tag that changes with the swipe of a smartphone – every time they fly," said British Airways' managing director of brands and customer experience, Frand van der Post. "As the saying goes, “good things come in small packages,” and this innovative device is no exception."

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At this year's Loyalty World Europe, Nicola Millard from BT will be talking about how customer effort can impact loyalty, weighing up how loyal a customer will be to your brand if you make life easier for them. This is exactly what British Airways are betting on, but it's poised to work.

You can download the brochure for Loyalty World Europe for free to find out more.

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