Top 10 Total Customer Posts of 2013 So Far

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Top 10 Total Customer Posts of 2013 So Far

We're at the point of no return now (not that you could return anyway, unless you had some sort of time machine) as we're over halfway through 2013! Where exactly did all that time go?

So, as a little roundup for the end of H1, here are the ten most popular posts on Total Customer that you may well have missed!

Time to get back up to speed.


10. 10 Key Minds in Customer Loyalty

Mind Key

Loyalty is a major focus for almost every business with customers – and what businesses don't have customers? The need to reach and please these customers through almost every available channel is crucial to ensuring repeat business, and that's why many companies pride themselves on their knowledge of customers. Here's 10 individuals who all know how to make loyalty work for a business.

Read on to discover who the 10 key minds in customer loyalty are.


9. 5 Brands Doing TV Advertising Right

Terry Crews Old Spice

After KMart released their witty home delivery advert “Ship My Pants” to emphasise just how simple it is to get products delivered to your home, it struck me that there are some utterly great adverts out there that just don't get the recognition they deserve. These TV or Internet-based adverts tap into their market better than anybody else, both emphasising the product while amusing or capturing the viewer. So, in no particular order, here are five brands making TV or YouTube adverts right.

Read on to see which brands have made the cut.


8. Using Social Media and Mobile to Drive Customer Engagement


Every marketer knows the power of social media. Being able to drive customer engagement through these channels in a relevant and consistent manner matters and 7-Eleven's director of sales and marketing, Rose Yeung, shared an excellent case study on how 7-Eleven manages to engage with customers to create loyalty.

Read on to find out exactly how 7-Eleven build loyalty through social media.


7. 50 Most Valuable British Brands

Brand logos

What makes a brand valuable? Well, according to brand finance it comes from seeing just how much revenue contribution a brand makes to its parent company. There are a few surprises in the top 50, but only a handful of brands have managed to retain their positions in the chart, with many falling from where they once were.

Read on to see a list of the 50 most valuable brands in Britain.


6. How to Build Brand Awareness From Nothing


How does a brand with almost no presence in the market create awareness? It's an uphill task, but one many new brands are facing when entering into a highly-saturated market, especially when competition is a well-established market leader. However, W Hotel's director of sales and marketing, Rosmalia Hardman shares just how W Hotels tapped into online to help grow their luxury hotel brand.

Read on to discover how W Hotels managed to create a competitive brand now favoured amongst the elite.


5. The Essential Guide to Customer Loyalty

Essential guide to loyalty

New to the world of customer loyalty? Want to improve your understanding of this complex industry sector? Well, this essential guide could well be what you need as it gives you a great rundown of what loyalty is and how to make the most of it in your business.

Read on to find out the essentials of customer loyalty.


4. Top 10 UK Loyalty Programmes


UK retail and customer-centric industries have a lot of potential to keep customers coming back, but surprisingly not everyone uses this to their advantage – instead choosing to approach customer loyalty from a different angle altogether, or sometimes not at all. But here's a handy overview of the top 10 loyalty programmes in the UK.

Read on to see who's made the cut and which 10 loyalty programmes in the UK are the best.


3. Richard Branson's Customer Service Secrets

Richard Branson Train Laugh

Richard Branson has dressed up as an Air Asia X air hostess, been around the world in a hot air balloon and set up one of the largest brands in the world, but how does he manage to do all of this so easily? As he points out in this video, it's all about the service Virgin delivers that makes people come back time and time again.

Read on to hear the insights that Richard Branson has to offer.


2. 5 Things That Will Shape The Future of Retail

Number 5

The high-street is dying, or at least that's what we're told. In reality, the high-street will always be there, however its role will have changed in the future. No longer will we see stores as we know them today, instead we'll find customer experiences and information outlets focused on giving the customer a chance to see and experience a product before buying online and delivering it to their homes.

Read on to find out what five things will shape the future of retail.


1. The Power of Customer Retention


Did you know that 68 per cent of customers leave your business because they feel that your company just doesn't care about them? Were you aware that 68 per cent of people also leave due to poor customer service? Well, this handy infographic boils down all that negative information from customers into an easy-to-read form meaning you know exactly where to improve your business and retain your customers.

Read on to see exactly how powerful customer retention is.