Download presentation: Creating personalisation for your mass customers

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SFG-Alison Henriksen

In a multi-dimensional and multi-channel world such as ours, how does one company design a loyalty programme so radically different from the rest that it stands out from the thousand others out there?

The future of your retail industry may just hinge on your ability to personalise loyalty programmes to suit the needs of each customers as Alison Henriksen, Chief Financial Officer from Specialty Fashion Group shares with us at Loyalty World Asia & Big Data World Asia 2012.

Download her presentation now.

Her insights can be summarised as follows:

  • Listen to your customers – listen and understand what your customers want and why exactly they are coming to you
  • Relevance of the message you are sending out – do not simply mass send out emails advertising your latest products, but rather segment your customer base and personalise emails to be mailed to each group base on their needs.
  • Targeted personalisation – Send out an email that triggers an emotional response and your customers are more likely to love you. For example, surprise your customer with a birthday greeting or perhaps offer them a special discount on their wedding anniversary.

Download her presentation now.

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